Divinity Engine Wiki

There are many different file types used or generated by the Divinity Engine Toolkit. Some of these file types have been specifically created by Larian Studios for use with the toolkit or with the Divinity: Original Sin game, while others are used or generated by middlewear used by the Divinity Engine or normal productivity software.

Larian Studios[]

Extension File type Notes
bshd Shader Compiled
charScript Character script Plain text
data AI grid data file
itemScript Item script Plain text
lsx Larian Studio XML Plain text
lsb Larian Studio Binary Compiled
lsscript Appears to have been created in error
osb Osiris save file
osi Osiris save file
shd Shader Plain text

Third party[]

Extension File type Notes
bat Windows batch file
bik Bink video RAD Game Tools Bink
bnk Wwise sound bank Audiokinetic Wwise
bullet Bullet physics simulation Bullet Physics Library
dds DirectDraw Surface
fnt Font
fxb Effects bank AristenFx FxStudio
gr2 Granny 3D animation RAD Game Tools Granny 3D
json JavaScript Object Notation
png Portable Network Graphics
rb Ruby script
swf Shockwave Flash Object RAD Game Tools Iggy
tga Truevision TGA
ttf TrueType Font
txt Text Used for raw script files, game credits
wem Wwise Encoded Media Audiokinetic Wwise
xml Extensible Markup Language
xlsm Microsoft Excel 2007
xlsx Microsoft Excel 2007